A hand toward those in need

“Our strength lies not only in the words we use but also in the actions we take. Since the establishment of Wikihope in 2014, we’ve understood that by pulling together, we can act much more effectively. In everything we undertake, our aim is to help and move the world forward around us.”

The Wikihope story began with a desire from the leaders of Aviaco France to reflect their shared values such as empathy and altruism. Both deeply affected by the education of underprivileged children and precariousness in general, establishing the Wikihope association allowed them to focus their efforts on these causes that are dear to them.

Partnerships are crucial for Wikihope’s mission in fighting inequalities and supporting children’s well-being. Collaborating with other organizations helps maximize impact and expand outreach. Partnerships provide additional resources like funding, expertise, and networks. Together, with partners like Secours populaire, Parole d’enfant, and Adepape13, we develop innovative programs to address vulnerable communities’ needs and offer comprehensive support to children in need.