About Wikihope

Wikihope: Humanitarian Charity for Social inclusion
Why “Wikihope”?

“Wiki” comes from the Hawaiian “wiki wiki,” meaning “quick.” The term became famous through the website “Wikipedia,” which operates through user collaboration.

The word “Hope” conveys an idea of optimism.

Thus, these two words together represent our charity, which encourages collaboration to create change while inspiring a sense of hope for a better future.

adults wearing Wikihope tee shirt and helping the charity to distribute the donations to the children of an orphanage to help Social inclusion

Our logo Wikihope

Regarding our logo, the heart shape communicates deep values such as authenticity, respect, harmony, kindness, and love in all its forms, of course. Beyond symbolizing love and compassion, we chose this shape to express a sincere commitment to stakeholders and a desire to build meaningful connections.

The choice to use multiple colors was quite natural. Beyond the colorful visual aspect, we wanted to represent the variety and richness of experiences that can take place within Wikihope. By celebrating differences, we recognize the value of each individual. This logo inspires a sense of joy, energy, and optimism, reflecting the vitality and dynamism of our group.

Wikihope today

In 2024, Wikihope has conducted around ten actions both in France and around the world.

The assistance provided by Wikihope plays a crucial role in providing emergency aid, while also serving as a privileged platform to promote social inclusion for the most vulnerable and support them in their journey towards reintegrating into society.

The association upholds and encourages a strict ethic based on the belief that all human beings on earth are equal and deserve to be treated with dignity.

Charity Resources' Origin

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Scope of action

The activity of the association operates within metropolitan France.
Wikihope is based in Marignane, France, and to date, there are no subsidiaries abroad. However, the scope of our interventions extends beyond borders.

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