Rules and regulations

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European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), is an agency of the European Community that deals with aviation safety. In particular, it issues an EASA Form 1, a discharge certificate authorising airworthiness in the European Union. There are different certificates depending on its usefulness. A manufacturer uses the EASA Form 52 to certify the conformity of the complete aircraft. The manufacturer uses EASA Form 1 to prove the conformity of parts: engines, propellers, equipment.

Federal Aviation Administration, is the equivalent of EASA. Together they represent the largest agencies that are eligible for certification. It is a government agency that regulates and controls civil and military aviation in the United States. It also deals with aircraft safety and flight conditions. Among other things, it issues an FAA Form 8130-3 which certifies parts registered in the USA. It can also certify parts going on aircraft registered in Europe thanks to the name “FAA form 8130-3 dual release EASA.” It is the same for a European certificate which will be entitled: “EASA Form 1 dual release FAA” .

In English, International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO, was created in 1944 by the Chicago Convention. It is a specialised international organisation of the United Nations. ICAO is governed by the SARPs (Standars And Recommended Practices) which constitutes the standards and regulates navigation. This organisation is responsible for respecting the Chicago Convention and its 191 states, as well as organisations in the aeronautics sector. ICAO develops the international aviation laws and rules that apply to both individuals and fleets themselves. This regulation is followed by the Members of States and this applies for manufacturers and

Each equipment sold or purchased corresponds to a specific condition assigned according to its condition. Here are the referenced conditions:

FN / Factory New: New part out of factory with an OEM Cert or EASA / FAA FORM 1.

NE / New: New part accompanied by its original release certificate recently stored at authorised distributors.

NS / New surplus: New part, certified never used, the date of manufacture can be old.

SV / Serviceable: Second-hand repaired or tested part already used, certified for use by an approved organisation.

OH / Overhaul: Completely overhauled used part, delivered with an EASA / FAA FORM 1 from an authorised repairer.

RP / Repaired: Second-hand repaired part delivered with an EASA / FAA FORM 1 from an authorised repairer.

AOG: Aircraft On Ground (see priority)