a PART 145 Certification Safety

The PART 145 Certification, established by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), is crucial for ensuring safety and regulatory compliance in the aerospace industry. It sets strict standards for maintenance organizations to maintain aircraft to the highest quality, safety, and reliability.


For specialized companies like Aviaco France, which focuses on helicopter dismantling and spare parts resale, obtaining the PART 145 Certification is vital. It demonstrates Aviaco France’s commitment to operational excellence and safety.

Clients of Aviaco France can trust that the spare parts they acquire meet the industry’s rigorous standards. This certification confirms Aviaco France’s dedication to standardized procedures, approved equipment, and qualified personnel.

Adhering to the strict standards of the PART 145 Certification, Aviaco France plays a crucial role in maintaining aviation safety and reliability. Possessing this certification boosts clients’ confidence and solidifies Aviaco France’s position in the industry.

Learn more about PART 145 on the European Aviation Safety Agency’s website.