First helicopters dismantling centre in France, PART 145 approveD

We set up the first helicopters‘ dismantling centre in France. We obtained an agreement PART 145 with the approval of the European civil aviation authorities.


Our teams follow a very precise procedure when dismantling the equipment. First, the part is carefully disassembled, cleaned, and pre-inspected by our technicians.

Our Maintenance Manager then takes over and inspects the part and provides an expert opinion on the condition of the part.

Three options :

  • The part is in good condition, he carries out documentary research on the regulations in force with a view of issuing an EASA Form 1.
  • The part is defective, but it can be repaired in our workshops or sent back to an approved repair center.
  • The part is defective and cannot be repaired. The part will be put under seal and then scrapped. As for the documents of the part, they will be kept for at least three years in our archives.


Today we are authorised for the following helicopters: AS332 L, AS332 L1, AS332 L2, EC120, AS350, AS355, AS365 N, AS365 N1, AS365 N2 and AS365 N3.

You can find our capalist here


Our highly qualified staff has PART 66 / B 1.3 / B2/ C licences for the following types :

  • AS 332 L / L1 / C / C1
  • SA 365 N / N1 / N2
  • AS 350 BA / BB / B1 / B2 / B3
  • EC 120 B

Coming soon AS 332 L2, AS 365 N3…

Our quality manager, a former member of the OSAC, delivers quality controls to adapt to standard regulations. Professional and independent auditors check the proper application of the company’s quality system.

We have hired the former Airworthiness Manager of Airbus Marignane in order to develop our know-how and capabilities in this field.