Helicopter dismantling process explained: a dive into Aviaco France's Operations

In the aviation industry, helicopter dismantling is a complex and crucial procedure that requires expertise and attention to detail. Aviaco France, a leader in helicopter dismantling and spare parts resale, offers an exclusive insight into its dismantling process. Let’s explore the key stages of this process and how Aviaco France ensures efficient and responsible execution.

helicopter dismantling process

Understanding the Challenges of Dismantling

Helicopter dismantling often requires expertise and attention to detail due to safety, obsolescence, or end-of-life operational reasons. Aviaco France begins by having its team of maintenance and materials management experts thoroughly evaluate each helicopter to identify reusable components and plan the dismantling process efficiently.

1. Evaluation

Firstly, Aviaco France’s team of maintenance and materials management experts evaluates each helicopter to determine the best dismantling practices. This stage includes a detailed analysis of systems, materials, and components. Additionally, the team develops a dismantling plan in compliance with prevailing regulations.

2. Structure Dismantling

Once the plan is approved, Aviaco France begins the dismantling process. the team  carefully removes each part to avoid damage and maximise the value of reusable components. Aviaco France employs advanced techniques to ensure efficient extraction while maintaining the structural integrity of the aircraft.

3. Fluids and Materials Management

Aviaco France prioritizes responsible fluid and materials management. The team recovers and processes liquids such as fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluids in accordance with the strictest environmental standards. Furthermore, They sort and recycle materials such as metals, plastics, and composites where possible.

4. Recycling and Disposal

Next, Aviaco France carefully dismantles and sorts non-reusable components for recycling or safe and responsible disposal. The company collaborates with certified partners to ensure that all waste is treated in accordance with local and international regulations.

5. Certification and Compliance

Throughout the dismantling process, Aviaco France ensures that each stage meets the highest safety and quality standards. Additionally, the company holds necessary certifications, such as the PART 145 certification, and works closely with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

 The helicopter dismantling process is a complex operation that requires expertise, commitment, and responsibility. Aviaco France is committed to conducting these operations efficiently, safely, and environmentally responsibly. Through its expertise and commitment to excellence, Aviaco France continues to be a leader in the helicopter dismantling industry, offering sustainable and innovative solutions to meet the needs of modern aviation.

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