Promoting Circular Economy in the helicopter spare parts market at Aviaco France

In the demanding universe of aviation, every detail matters. Helicopter spare parts, crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of these machines, lie at the core of our commitment at Aviaco France. Yet, our vision extends beyond merely providing parts. We are architects of the circular economy, stewards of economic efficiency for aircraft operators.

A Commitment to Circular Economy

Circular economy in helicopter parts has become a pivotal element in the pursuit of sustainable solutions globally. In the aviation sector, this approach hinges on the reutilisation, remanufacturing, and recycling of spare parts, thereby aiding in waste reduction and lowering costs associated with manufacturing new components.

Circular economy represents much more than a mere concept at Aviaco France; it is our mission. We firmly believe in the second life of every component. Thus, we are committed to recovering, repairing, and redistributing high-quality helicopter spare parts, thereby contributing to waste reduction and prolonging the lifespan of each element. Our Part 145 certification enables us to undertake repairs, overhauls, and refurbishments in accordance with the strictest aviation standards. This accreditation holds paramount importance in our endeavours towards circular economy. It allows us to extend the lifespan of helicopter components.

Partnerships for Tangible Savings

We understand the financial challenges faced by aircraft operators. We work closely with our partners to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality and safety. At Aviaco France, we firmly believe that cost reduction should never come at the expense of reliability. Therefore, we strive to offer superior quality helicopter spare parts at competitive prices.


At Aviaco France, we are more than suppliers of helicopter spare parts. We are partners in your success, guardians of your safety, and champions of the circular economy. By choosing Aviaco France, you are not only opting for tangible savings but also committing to a more sustainable future for global aviation. At Aviaco France, we take pride in actively contributing to this transition towards a more sustainable and economically viable future for global aviation.

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