Aviaco strengthens its commitment to CSR

Fully involved in its social responsibilities as a company, Aviaco increases its actions to reinforce its positive impact in terms of human resources, environment and society.

Sorting and recycling:
Since 2021, Aviaco works with Lemontri, a local company, to sort its waste. Special bins for office waste (paper, cardboard…) and food waste (cans, plastic bottles…) have been installed.
Thanks to sorting, we have saved :
– More than 277 kilograms of waste.
– More than 48 kilograms of CO2.
– And we have created more than 8 hours of work.

B-Corp Label:
This international label rewards seamlessly for-profit companies with a social and environmental positive impact. Aviaco has already fulfilled the first steps of the B-Corp process, and wants to obtain the label in 2023.

Toumaï label by Lucie:
With Toumaï, Lucie Agency has created a seamless labeling process, accessible to all companies trying to assess their CSR maturity.
A Lucie expert makes the assessment by coming a half day on site. This assessment is rated on 1000 points thanks to a repository, based on the international CSR standards, the ISO 26000.
Aviaco has already lunched the procedures and wants to obtain the label before 2023.

Finally, our core business, helicopter dismantling, leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Indeed, thanks to our second-hand products, it’s more than 14 tons of CO2 that have been saved.

Saving our society and our planet, at Aviaco, we make it our mission.